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Rebecca Ferguson

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This scene just show how much Jack resented his family for his mishappens and still resents them in the afterlife.

3:34 “Their not special, their STARVING”.
She’s sick y’all. Hall of the time her mind wonders off, poor lady.
The actor that played Danny in the shining has a cameo at the baseball game.
I wonder I Jack was just pretending to not remember his life before the Overlook or if becoming a ghost trully erased his memory.
Read both books. Loved both books. Loved the movie (even though it was different from the book, Kubrick did a good job. If any of you watched the Haunting of Hill House, creator of that show Mike Flanagan is directing this movie. Great pick. This movie is supposed to follow in the same cinematic universe as the movie version of The Shining, but this still looks great. Very excited.

The performances of this movie were amazing but Kyleigh Curran CRUSHED IT, especially in this scene were she’s someone else entirely.
2:05 Kenobi wishing he had the high ground about now.
Top 5 favorite Stephen king movies for me.
Doctor sleep is amazing it diserves more recognition.
Ive legit been looking for this scene every day since the day i saw the movie on the theater. Thanks.
C3 81lom doktor services.
This scene is incredible and trippy. Mike Flanagan would be perfect for Doctor Strange 2.
You missed how Dannys outfit when he returned to the hotel is color-reversed from Jacks, a blue jacket and red flannel. And while he chased Abra, he had the same limp.
I went into this movie with high hopes. Being a big Shining fan and lifelong Stephen King reader, this was something that I had eagerly anticipated for some time. Unfortunately, the film was largely disappointing. It’s not that this is a bad movie – it isn’t – but neither can it be considered a highly rated one. Frustratingly, it languished somewhere in between, with some very good parts to it, but as a whole the film is let down by some poor casting, editing and clunky direction. Such flaws, unfortunately, impact the flow of the plot and keep pulling the viewer back from becoming totally absorbed by the story.
The film’s pacing is uneven, particularly in the opening half of the movie. There is no sense of dread or atmosphere for large sections and thereafter, the rest of the movie clearly struggles to raise the tension level sufficiently. In truth, it never really recovers.
The casting/direction of Rose is fatal to entire movie. How can one forgive the plot’s primary foil being so lacking in any sort of sinister threat? The part is poorly casted, acted and directed. The rest of her gang were also, for the most part, afflicted with a similar lack of effectiveness. They’re just not scary. It’s a huge problem.
The baseball boy scene didn’t fit with the overall story. It felt unnecessarily gratuitous – its effect was to introduce a level of grim violence that was fatally lacking in the necessary scariness/fright that one might hope for and expect. It felt more like something from Breaking Bad than Stephen King – again, the scene was infected with a lack of fright.
Finally, the use of lookalikes for the original Shining characters doesn’t work at all. The use of a Jack Nicholson doppleganger, in particular, was something that yanked the whole movie theatre from its engagement with the story. The scene at the bar was a poorly performed and utterly misguided addition to the script. They should have considered using nicholson himself for that part, even though that may have presented its own problems. At least the acting would have been better.
To be fair, it wasn’t all bad. McGregor and Curran are excellent. The nods to the original movie/book are well handled. However, the positives do not come close to offsetting the negatives and ultimately the general sense in the movie theatre was one of disappointment. A decent handful of people actually walked out at various stages. Never a great sign but in truth one could hardly blame them. The flaws are so apparent early on in the film, that one quickly realises that they won’t be overcome.
Disappointingly average.

Can I just say, that as a fan of like, retro 80s inspired horror stuff, and as someone who really appreciates well made horror, how much I loved this movie. This girl is pure dynamite as is everyone else, Ewan and Rebecca are perfectly cast, the direction was fantastic, its a beautiful looking movie, and its just got the right amount of fan service done right, Chris Stuckmann explained that well, go watch his review. I havent read the book all the way through yet, obviously its different in trying to adapt itself as both a Stephen King novel movie sequel, and a Kubrick sequel, so I cannot compare it in quality to that, but on its own I loved it. This was Mike Flanagans wet dream knowing his style of horror, hes got such an eye for it, and hes one of the best if not THE best modern horror director working today alongside the Duffer Brothers and the gut who made The Witch.












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